Monday, April 30, 2012

Thanks Teacher!

I have a different sort of project to share with you today!  This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and well being a former teacher and married to one, it's a big deal in our house to thank our child's teacher.  This year our oldest has a male teacher---who we love!---but it's a whole new realm of gift giving.  I saw a pin over at Pinterest and modified it to work.  Take a look:

It reads:
"Dear Mr. Churchill, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  I thought I'd make it a Whopper of a deal.  I would have like to give a trip to the Milky Way or even New York, a 100 Grand, or maybe a fancy diamond Ring...but you know what my dad's PayDay is like.  At the beginning of the year I didn't want a "boy" teacher...I thought you might be a Jerk...but you really are a Nut! Thanks for putting up with us Runts and Goobers and going that Extra mile.  I had lots of fun teasing you about not catching Fish, it caused me to Snicker a lot.  I gave you Good and Plenty reason to get gray hairs, but you didn't let me fall to Pieces.  Instead of becoming a Dum Dum or an Airhead, I'm a Smartie pants.  I don't care what Mike and Ike say, you RockM & M (Many and Many) thanks, Your favorite Nerd, Linnea.  PS.  Don't eat all of this at once, you may Rolo-ver sick.

I used some black card stock to cover up the S's, add Jerk and Nut on the jerky and peanuts, and for the Many and Many.  The candy came from the Dollar Tree (someone told me this was candy headquarters--they were right!) and a few from WalMart.

It didn't cost a lot, didn't take too much time, and hopefully was a fun way to show our appreciation!

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