Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Chaos!

Halloween is the same day each year but every year I feel like I'm behind :/  I'm sure it doesn't help that Kendall's birthday is seven days before, so needless to say it's a busy time of year.  Our theme at Hand Stamped Sentiments this week is Tags and I may have made a few this weekend.

Oh, and throw in pumpkin carving....that's "my" pumpkin.  The girls insist that Erik and I also carve a pumpkin and it's just not my favorite thing, it's messy, slimy... so I wrapped mine in gauze and of course it needed a little banner.  On to my projects:

I made two of these for each of their teachers.  Afterwards, I didn't like the shiny jar tops so I hit them up with some chalk spray paint.  The tag is not at all what I envisioned but some times that's how the ball rolls.

These are the treats the girls will hand out to their classmates.  I had to make 60 of them :/  My husband thought I was crazy, but I know my crafty friends will agree that you can't just hand out a plain sucker.  I found the idea over at My Chic N Scratch.  I changed the tag a bit, as I just bought this boot set and wanted to use it...plus I'm sure the kids will get a kick..hee hee..out of the saying.

So on top of these projects, here are a couple of pictures of more Halloween craftiness...yes my craft room looks like it has seen a Hurricane.  (If you are reading this from the East Coast, we are thinking of you!)

Here is my Kendall.  She had a costume birthday party to attend.  She's going to be a witch for Trick or Treating and we made her little Tutu ....because....

Mom made herself a Tutu for a Halloween 5K she ran on Saturday.  I also sewed my double sided, scalloped cape...not a great first sewing project but it worked!

Now I only have one more Tutu left to make on the Halloween to do list.  Be sure to head over and see what the rest of the team has created.  I'm secretly hoping there is some Christmas tags as I need to start on that holiday next or I'll be feeling the same way again :/


  1. HOLY CRAp that's cute!! I SO wanted to make those this year and never got around to it, I will live vicariously through you, lOL!!

  2. You are so funny and "pun"ny! Hee hee! I love that you still rolled with the tag even though it wasn't what you envisioned....cause I love it!! Cute projects this week and cute costumes!!

  3. You are the cutest ever! You made Halloween so grand at your house! Those lollies are cute as can be, your pumpkin & tag are fab, and THEN you had the nerve to run a 5K and then make like you're somehow behind! Girl, we have to go through crafty bootcamp to catch up with you!

  4. Oh my gosh! Love it all! I think both tags are awesome! And the costumes and tutus, you go girl. I hear you about the birthday and feeling behind, I have one that's 9 days before, ugh! They better remember all we do for them when they get older!

  5. LOL! Every picture on here is cuter than the next!!!! Love the costumes!!!!! And love the tags and that pumpkin!!!!! Now I wanna to make a tutu!!!!