Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gator Girls

I don't about you but the first thing I thought of when I saw this week's Dynamic Duos colors was John Deere!

Any other Midwesterners out there? or farmers?  Both my dad and brother work for a John Deere dealership so my girls have had no shortage of John Deere toys, including a couple of very fun ride ons.  I scrapped a photo from LONG ago:

This was spring of 2008!  My dad had bought them this in the winter and they had seen it for months just waiting for it to be put together.  This was the first ride, and I would have loved to have put a odometer on it.  It's probably been around the world!  We still have it, though late last summer we borrowed it to a friend.

I started by doing some splattering with my spritzing bottles.  I knew the layout I was going to use and wanted to add to the background.  From there I got busy making my little triangles.  Afterwards, I questioned why I didn't use the pennant punch, maybe it wouldn't have been the right shape, but it didn't dawn on me until I measured and cut all these. A few of the patterns are retired.  The title is my favorite stamp of the moment-I love that little chevron oval.  The title is also a play on words, as my girls are big watchers of Animal Planet and the show Gator Boys.  The JD brad is from my stash, I picked them up long ago and finally used them up.  Look mom, everything is crooked!  (I guess I've gotten the reputation of straight layouts.)

Simple but I love it!-Just wish I had gotten a better photo.  Be sure to head over and see what the group has created.  I get a sneak peek when I add my project and this week I'm amazed with what they came up with.  I always am, but I would have been stumped had I not had good 'ole John Deere to fall on!


  1. What a fun ride! ;-) Your layout is fantastic, with the splatters and triangles in the background - a perfect John Deere project! Love the sentiment. ;-)

  2. When I first saw this color combo, John Deere was what popped into my mind too, being a midwest girl! I figured everyone else would have the same idea! I love this layout and it couldn't be more perfect for this challenge! ♥

  3. John Deere never entered my mind!! I love that it did for you :o) Whatever's in your world, right? Very fun layout!

  4. Fab layout Bobbie - love the splattering, and the border you've created with the triangles is so clever!

  5. These are perfect colours for your JD layout Bobbie and I love the splatters. You made me smile with your comment about the triangles - I'm another one that takes the long way round and then has the lightbulb moment!