Monday, August 27, 2012


If you were looking for this post earlier, I apologize.  We had some server problems last night into this morning and it must have delayed my posting.  Thanks for coming back!

 It is inspiration week at Hand Stamped Sentiments, and I'm not going to lie...I was stumped.

My head literally spun.  I thought about doing flowers because the photo looks like puffy flowers, then I thought about doing a Halloween page of my daughter in a cheerleading outfit....I know big time cheating.  Instead I headed to my place of all things inspiration---Pinterest--and found a little tutorial to make your own pom poms.  I was off and running with an idea.  Have you heard how "ombre" is the newest "it" thing in crafting.  It's a gradual change of color and I've seen some really great layouts lately using this term, technique, I'm not sure what you would call it.  Anyways, here is my layout.. I'll explain more on the other side:

When I was looking for a single photo last week, I found this one also.  I just didn't think it was herringbone appropriate.  You can see how I used my circle punch to mimic the pom poms I create and also the ombre of the pink tones. 

Here is a photo of the pom poms in progress:

I wrapped white yarn around my finger about 50 times and then cut a smaller piece and fished it through the hole my finger created and tied a knot.  Then you cut the loop and I separated my yarn with my paper piercer and it will look like the bottom pom pom.  From there you start trimming it down to the size you want.  I then rubbed the two In Color pom poms in the corner of my ink pad.  I don't have the reinkers for those and I wasn't sure I wanted yarn fuzz all over my ink pad.

I popped up some circles with dimensionals, a side view:

I can't wait to see what the other members of the design team came up with...and if they scratched their heads also or if it was just me over thinking...  Head over yourself and find out!


  1. LOVE your layout girl, and the way you used the pom poms, SO SMART!!

  2. Very Cute!!! Love your technique- so pretty!!! The pom poms worked perfect for your layout!! Love the color combo!!!

  3. Yours poms are so fabulous. I love the page as well as all your other pages--you have a great scrappin' style. Smiles, Elizabeth

  4. Ya, I scratched my head a little too! AND I consulted Pinterest and Google to figure out how to go about it. But, friend, you hit those trends right out of the ballpark! I've been seeing ombre, but get distracted because it sounds like friend in Spanish - is it OM-brrr or Om-bray? Not papercrafty sounding? I'm rambling. So you have the beautiful color variation, and those adorable pom poms, and circles which are my all time favorite on layouts, and that SWEET picture - I love the slant! Great layout! ~Erika

  5. Bobbie, I love this page! Now you're making me wish that I'd ordered those frames too:) STUNNING job!

  6. Love your pom pom! Great color combo for the picture.